Frequently Asked Questions

Just in case all of your questions haven’t been answered, here’s a F.A.Q. section!

Cameron for Captain

Q: What up with your clothes?

A: I reject the stereotype of a suit and tie. It reinforces an attitude which separates a wide class of people from their public officials. If there is any focus on fashion during my campaign, the livelihood of the People is my priority.

Q: What distinguishes you from other candidates?

A: I’m not running for a career, I’m running because Portland is a city that’s in need of a true civil servant. There’s a crisis we are facing, full of complicated layers. I am stepping up to advocate for immediate action, because it’s going to take a lot of work to reverse. This isn’t a job for just a Mayor or a small policy team to fix. We need to bring down the barriers between the citizens and their government, we will only flourish with the power of the People. We can’t wait for the federal government to perform a rescue mission, they are too distracted with their own electoral drama.

Q: What is your background in government, executive positions?

A: I have a background of no governmental experience, which I am not ashamed of. We as a People have lost trust in career politicians, who have allowed our freedoms and livelihood to be compromised for profit and greed. I represent the People who demand a commitment to a society that promotes a level playing field, where the People have equal access to leadership roles and to empower each other to find solutions.

Q: What will you do for me, the average Portland voter?

A: I’m giving you the ability to choose for yourself.

One thought on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Thu Jan 26, 2012
    Aloha Honorable Cameron,

    Our first call to you today after reading your website boasted our energy to a high level of trust that working together we will do the impossible of protecting all people from the police use of unjustified deadly physical force.

    Program, Truly Reforming Law Enforcement is the nations only preventve policing
    guidelines that mandates when an officer must take action against another officer
    that has started to violate peoples human rights, sets up a monitor of all procedures and training for police cadets, certified officfers and signed aproval that
    the specifc precedures and training was effective and they do agree with the program.

    Please Google:

    1. Truly Reforming Law Enforcement—Click top entry which is The Oregonian Blog.

    2. Rise In Police Brutality USA TODAY Dec. 18, 2007

    3. Jerry Atlansky Oregon Senate Bill 111 Police Use Of Deadly Force

    4. Multnomah County Planning Authorities Senate Bill 111 2007. “Plan for education and training for police officers.” You will find absolutely NO plan by any of the 36 counties and the next section deals with The Aftermath.

    Looking forward to your first call to me Fri Jan 27th.

    Future success,

    Jerry Atlansky, Founder/Chairperson
    United Stattes Police/Oregon State Police-
    Independent Citizens Review Board
    Portland, Oregon 97213
    [email protected]
    503 490-4433

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