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Hi! My name is Cameron. I am amazed by the passion
that is so incredibly alive in Portland.

I knew that Portland would be my home since the first month I arrived here, and swore to make sure the community as a whole would be safe and happy. I’ve volunteered my personal time to organizations such as Goose Hollow Family Shelter, Food Not Bombs, FreeGeek, In Other Words, Write Around Portland, Outside In, Bicycle Transportation Alliance, Meals on Wheels, Occupy Portland, and more.

I grew up in the suburbs of Virginia, a thirty minute drive from Washington D.C., with my mother, father, two brothers, and sister in a single family mortgaged home. My father was investigated twice by Child Protection Services for the way he ruthlessly beat me and my siblings, but had never been convicted of any charges. I’m a survivor of childhood abuse, and I’ve seen the angle of suffering through a direct lens.

I moved to Portland after a fall out with my mother. She married a man who resurfaced from her past while I was in high school. He also had violent outbursts, and would threaten to shoot me and my brother over petty arguments. I drove out to Portland with no family for support, the last of my paycheck from canvassing, and no job prospects due to lack of relevant experience. I have personally witnessed how the system has failed the American people.

Since then, I’ve made a living for myself. I am a college student pursuing a major in English, and my goal is to use education to empower disenfranchised people in exercising their freedoms, fighting oppression, and healing from abuse.

Still, protests have sprung up all over the world, because the majority of people are in pain from the ongoing global crisis. Inequality and oppression are on the rise, as the gap between the privileged and the struggling continues to increase. I became involved in the activism efforts here in Portland, because the pattern of abuse is just as evident here as it is everywhere. I thank the activists around the world for how peaceful they have responded to resistance from armed forces. With the amount of injustice that happens every day, it could have turned out much worse.

My greatest loyalty is to the People around me, regardless of their income, creed, race, gender, or orientation. I am a person who makes Love a priority and a philosophy. Trust is necessary for any relationship to be healthy, and I want to foster connections between friends and family in Portland.

But this isn’t about my story. It’s about the story of the Portland, its people, and its prosperity. Portland is moving forward, and it starts with You.

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