Take Action

This campaign is about You.The 2012 Primary Election is your chance to vote for a cause, not just a candidate. Become more civically active than you have ever been before, your passion is what guarantees your freedom.

1. Join the Campaign Crew!
2. Write songs about Democracy!
3. Buy a Cameron for Captain t-shirt!
4. Host a political coffee hour with your friends!
5. Do some research on Portland!
6. Vote during every election!
7. Talk with your neighbors!
8. Make more demands of your elected politicians!
9. Transform your community into a more positive place!
10. Exercise all your freedoms!

If you believe in a vision of a better world with a united People, please Take Action!

Here’s the code for a website button. Please post it on your blog, website, or email, and bring more people to the page!

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