Social Justice

Justice should be sought for the systemically oppressed.

There is a dark shadow which still hangs over American society. Positions of power are often dominated by the stereotype of the urban professional. The United States continues to suppress the brilliance and innovation of its diversified culture and demographic, often turning a blind eye towards discrimination. If the People had more advisory over public policy, leaders would organically reflect the diversity of our beautiful city.

We need to provide healthy and safe environments for our children, making sure educational opportunities are rich and always available is a basic human need. Portland needs to increase its efforts in advocacy and counseling for abused and underprivileged children.

Veterans should be included in the discussion of fair and equitable treatment. Unemployment and mental illness rates are extremely high with Oregon soldiers returning home, and not enough aid is being supported. We need to recognize our National Guardsmen as veterans, and make sure that they get the assistance they need.

The justice system needs to step it up a notch and serve all People with fairness. People who can afford affluent attorneys can often evade the hand of the law, while public defenders struggle to advocate for the disadvantaged with the little resources they are given.

Another key point is the accountability of corporations. Our society is filled with profit driven organizations which constantly attack the civil rights of the American people. When you sign onto a payroll, you usually end up signing over your Constitutional rights. Political Action Committees are heavily funded by corporations, and often get more influence over public policy than the People. I would make sure that the civil liberties of each Portlander is protected at all times.

Democratic power doesn’t just rest in the hands of the politicians and elite, it rests in every level of society and in all aspects of our culture. Whether economic, social, or political, justice should be focused on the People.

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