Local Sovereignty

Our city should be governed by the People.

The city needs to invest into a ‘We Are Oregon’ mentality. We have weakened our ability to self govern, due to our dependence on private interest institutions. Portland needs to put its money into its regional credit unions, not Wall Street banks. Portland needs to practice sustainability with resources in the Northwest, and allow the People to have a citizen advisory board to find creative solutions for public officials. There needs to be more monitoring and regulation of questionable substances in food sources that are offered at our stores, and increased attention on food security programs.

Portland faces many limitations in how they can legally protect the People. City ordinances have been neutered in power. The Patriot Act, SOPA, poor FDA judgments, the Citizens United Case, and others are examples of how the People’s integrity are under attack. Portland can reserve the right to recognize or condemn unconstitutional decisions made by the federal government. If we are a country based off of ‘We the People’, local laws which are determined at the most personal and specific level should have a stronger binding than any federal or state law that is in conflict.

The most important thing is for Portland to remember that we can take the responsibility for helping to advance our community. We can’t expect the federal government to end the housing crisis, create jobs, and improve infrastructure, when they’d rather give trillions of dollars to keep corrupt corporations from going under.

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