Nothing is more important than saving innocent lives.

It’s heartbreaking to see how inexpensive medical treatment is denied to victims who are struggling to survive. There needs to be creative options for Portlanders to receive adequate medical care outside of private insurance coverage.

The city has a responsibility to inform Portlanders on which medical facilities have a record abusing the referral transfer system, and help them to find better providers. The People should be provided assistance in taking legal action against medical facilities that make profits off of their referral transfers, instead of taking care of their health needs.

The city needs to invest more attention towards sharing patient history between hospitals. The only ones losing by ownership of medical information are the sick People. We need to increase electronic communication between medical facilities, which would speed up emergency visits and give our doctors more time to heal the sick and injured.

The People should have a choice to petition the local government for an affordable public option for medical care. The city should support cooperative medical relationships between physicians and patients, alternative medicines, and procedures with standardized prices.

The city should explore community resource buildings, to increase accessibility for Portlanders who don’t live near the concentration of services downtown. Having community resources makes getting assistance more equitable and personal, and is more effective with drug, mental health, and physical therapy.

My most important goal in office is to make sure that no human being in Portland dies in vain.

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